Episode 12: Suzi

Today’s guest is Suzi Pond. We recorded this conversation one year ago, on Mother’s Day 2020. It was my first interview for this project/podcast. I

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Halley - Customized Episode Image

Episode 11: Halley

Today’s guest is Halley Mayo. She lost her mother when she and her twin brother were just 4 years old. In this episode, Halley expresses

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Episode 10 - Daisy Cover Art

Episode 10: Daisy

Today’s guest is Daisy Salto. Daisy is currently 16 years old, and grew up in Chicago with her 4 siblings, and lost her mom when

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Lucy - Episode 9

Episode 9: Lucy

Today’s guest is Lucy Sandy. Lucy was born and raised in Houston, Texas by two immigrant parents from Sierra Leone: Mommy and Daddy, as they

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Jess - Episode 8

Episode 8: Jess

Today’s guest is Jess Jones. She used to be an agent (one of my agents, to be exact!) and is now the Center Director for

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Xander - Customized Episode Image

Episode 7: Xander

Today’s guest is Xander Krohn. He is a writer, teacher, and lover of a good suit. In this episode, we talk about how he attended

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